Cawemo User/Storage Limitations?

Hi all -

My organization is at the very beginning of our BPM journey. For the near future, we are focused on capturing and documenting as-is processes. We are a quite a ways off from automation.

Cawemo seems to be the ideal tool for us at this moment because (a) it is free, (b) the UI is straightforward and focused on BPMN, and (c) it exports the BPMN 2.0 XML so that we can easily springboard into a more mature solution when appropriate.

That said, before I bring others within my organization onboard, I want to make sure that we don’t run into foreseeable limitations.

Does Cawemo have limitations on:

  • Number of members (or type of members) within an Organization?
  • Number of Collaborators within a Project?
  • Number of Projects within an Organization?
  • Number of Diagrams within an Organization?
  • Number of Diagrams within a Project?

Are there any other limitations that I haven’t asked about but should?

Thanks in advance for your help!