<![CDATA[condition]]> in BPMN


On my bpmn, I got an exclusiveGateway with two sequenceFlow :

One sequenceFlow contain CDATA, if I remove it, the camunda modeler doesn’t show properties of any element in diagram

The other sequenceFlow doesn’t contain CDATA but it’s working fine (I can add CDATA too without error)

I would like to know if it’s normal behavior and if the answers is yes, how to know when CDATA is required?


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CDATA is required for the first expression, because of the ‘<’. The CDATA protects the content.
Otherwise you would have to use < instead of the < character.
So the second expression does not need it. Although it would not harm.

thanks for answer
However I don’t understand the sentence :

Otherwise you would have to use < instead of the < character.

(maybe because of my english :blush: )

note : when I talk about CDATA, I talk about all the marker “<![CDATA[condition]]” (can’t write marker on the forum)


I wrote “Otherwise you would have to use & l t ; instead of the < character.” without the spaces between the letters. Obviously this got automatically replaced.
Meening the html entity instead of the character. See https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_entities.asp e.g.


honestly I don’t understand why <![CDATA[condition]]> is needing. For me, both expressions are same but I will let the modeler make his work.

Thanks for your time and the link, I didn’t know about this possibilitie for writing marker like this.