CDI events for models deployed via modeler

I want to use CDI events in a shared-engine domain.
However it works for the models that are deployed along with
the application, but it is not working for the models uploaded
by the modeler or via application itself by programming.
I wonder if it requires special settings to enable global execution/task
events for the models uploaded
after application deployment ?

Thanks a lot

@branoush refer this page:

thanks for your response
I have read the documents you have mentioned above.
they have nothings about my problem.
to emphasise :
I have no problem with setting CDI bridge
and it is working charmingly for BPMN models deployed
along with the application itself. the problem is that no event
is created for BPMN models that are deployed by modeler.
thanks again

can you upload your bpmn model?

here is the bpmn I am testing with :

employ.bpmn (18.2 KB)

Hi @branoush,

the CDI event bridge is tightly coupled to the concept of ProcessApplication:

If you deploy the process manually from the modeler or via the REST Api, you create a new deployment without a context to a process application.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier

your hint was very helpful and directed me to java API.
by java API it is possible to relate later deployments with
process application :

thanks, Reza