Certification of Employees

Hi! I was reading the System Integrator Partnership on the website. To reach “Certified” level, a company needs to have at least 3 permanent employees successfully certified.
My questions are as follows:
-How a employee could get the certified?
-Does the employee have to pass any type of exam or participate in any training?
-How much does it cost?
-How can the employee request this?


Partners can get their employees certified by contacting us. It’s a 90 minutes test. Before they can start they have to register on this website and we have to confirm the account

What are the topics covered in that exam? What are the prerequisites? Where can we get general details about this?

Is it similar exam like OMG OCEB2 exam?

It’s a combination of understanding BPMN and DMN as well as understanding the practical features of using the Camunda engine as a developer.

Generally speaking we aim the test to be passable by anyone who has either completed a Camunda training or has spend time working with the engine on a relatively complicated project.

Is there any specific training for this test?

No, there is not specific training for this test as the goal of this test is to validate the practical expertise rather than validating theoretical knowledge. If you need further information on this test please have a look into the chapter “Knowledge” on https://partners.camunda.com/.

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Hi Michael,
could you tell me more about voting? How voting works?


This link asking registration ,but the registration restricted , not able to complete our end. , https://partners.camunda.com/

That portal is for Camunda’s parters - If you’re working for a partner you can contact your partner manager to give you access.
If not you can use the Academy - which is a great resource for learning about camunda