Change date picker language

I’m using the date picker component in a few forms, and I’m able to change the buttons language, but not the days and months. I’ve tried to load the Angular localisation JS in the forms where I use it, adding:

<script src="../../../../contracts_process/scripts/angular-locale_es-es.js"></script>

Perhaps if I could add this script after the AngularJS initialization… but I can’t find where the angular.js script is loaded in Camunda. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

As I was in a rush, what I did is to modify the strings directly in the JS that Camunda loads. I know it’s not the best practice (I’ll have to change it again when we update Camunda), but I couldn’t find a better solution.

If it’s useful for anyone, the file to modify is CAMUNDA_ROOT/server/apache-tomcat-VERSION/webapps/camunda/lib/deps.js. To be able to modify it easily, I “prettify” it so I can open it in any editor, and when it’s modified, I minimize it again. To do that, I use the uglify-js NPM module:

$ sudo npm i -g uglify-js
$ uglifyjs deps.js --beautify --output deps-edit.js
$ code deps-edit.js (OPENS THE FILE IN Visual Studio Code)
--- Change all the strings I need
$ uglifyjs deps-edit.js --output deps.js