Change Filter property auto-refresh

Hi at all,
I want to set the “auto-refresh” property in my filters with java to true.

My current code when I create filters looks as following:

Map<String, Object> filterProperties = new HashMap<String, Object>();
filterProperties.put(“description”, “some description”);
filterProperties.put(“priority”, examplePriority);
List exampleVariables = new ArrayList();
filterProperties.put(“variables”, exampleVariables);

My question is now: What is the name of the auto-refresh priority?
I tried something like:

filterProperties.put(“auto-refresh”, true);

But it did not work…
Does anyone have an idea on this?
Thank you.
Kind regards,

Hi @MarvinKern,

Try below

filterProperties.put(“refresh”, true);

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Its working.
Should appear somewhere in the Filter documentation I guess.