Changing History Level in Camunda

I am using Camunda 7.12 EE, which is running as a kubernetes pod in a wildfly standalone subsystem.

Recently faced a issue where one of our production environment postgres got filled up due to huge volume of history data. I have already configured the history TTL and things are under control now.

Now I am looking to reduce the history level from Full to activity. And I can’t seem to find a way to do so.

As per checking the documentation:
I donot have the bpm-platform.xml file.
I have processes.xml under main resource meta-inf, but adding activity there made no difference.
I have already made changes in the DB.
But after making the change in the processes file, building the image and redeploying it, it is still giving me error that there is a mismatch between the deployment config(full) and the db(activity).

I have spent quite some time looking into it but still no luck. So any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

java:jboss/datasources/ProcessEngine full

Update the configuration for history-level apart from updating it in DB.

Thank you for the reply.
But I am not totally sure what configuration to update.
In my wildfly/bin/standalone/configuration folder I have a file named standalone-full.xml where I can see the history level is full but even if I change it there, Camunda isn’t picking up the change. It would also just revert back to full once the pod is deleted.
I would assume that you cannot make any change to this file manually like that.
Is there a way so that my this change gets reflected? Or is there a way to provide a custom configuration file while creating the docker image?

Please do check for any camunda deployments in kubernetes cluster.Edit the deployment configuration and recreate the pod so that new configuration will be applied.

First edit the POD and go through the configuration, you could see the history level in one of the POD configuration.

Thank you. I really appreciate your answer.

I was able to solve the issue.
Apart from the standard wildfly standalone-full.xml we had a custom standalone-full.xml.
The custom standalone-full.xml was prebuilt into the docker image and the standard standalone-full.xml actually picked up the camunda engine configuration from the custom one.
All I had to do was change the custom standalone-full.xml history-level tag from full to activity before the custom config was picked up by wildfly. Also I had to make sure to change the docker file so that I could enter as root user and not jboss user as only root user had the permission to edit the custom config file.