Changing process variables after deploy

Hi everyone!
I use
camunda/zeebe 8.2.11
zeebe-node 8.0.1

I’m new to using zeebe and zeebe-node. I read the documentation but didn’t find a solutions for my questions.

  1. Can I set variables, that will be available to the whole process, using method deployProcess ?
  2. Can I change the values of the variables for the process after deploy? I found the setVariables method, but as I understand it, this method sets variables for a specific process instance by its id. Or am I wrong?

I will be glad for help!

Best regards,
Anton Fedorov

Hi @Anton1922,
You can add the variables via an output mapping on the start event. It is then defined for the process model. To update the variables, simply update the model and redeploy it.

@StephanHaarmann Hi! Thanks for the answer! I will try this way.