Changing Time Zone for Zeebe

Hi, All.
Who knows how Zeebe will behave when changing time zones? We are soon switching from UTC +6 to UTC +5. Will simply changing the settings in NTP or Chrony resolve this issue? Perhaps someone has practical experience dealing with this?

Hi @ruslan.yeraliyev, welcome to the forums! How do you have Zeebe deployed, and what version of Zeebe are you running? Are you moving data centers or is this regarding daylight savings?

Hi, @nathan.loding Thank you for your response. This is not the usual annual time zone change, but an entire part of the country changing time from UTC +6 to +5. Version 1.2.9. Deployed on servers in Docker compose. On the day of the time zone change, I think that I need to stop recording in Zeebe for an hour, change the time zone on the servers and start Zeebe. Can I assume that this is the only option?


Hi @ruslan.yeraliyev - that is very old version of Zeebe which I personally don’t have any experience with. I think that your plan should work, as long as all processes have completed. If you have any processes currently running, those may have some hiccups if you are using timer events. I also suspect that looking at any historical data will show in the old time zone, so depending on what metrics you might be looking at, you may see slightly unexpected results with older data.

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