Chapter: Amsterdam. BPMN modeling in Camunda, for starters and pro’s

After a long hiatus Camunda Chapter: Amsterdam is back to the meet-up scene :tada: Join them in person next February 21 at 5:30 pm. Shoutout to @PieterH , @j0hnli , Sing Hsu, Surush Samani for making it happen!

In this meet-up Developer Advocate @Niall will show various ways to model a process. The session is prepared to be appealing to newbies and experienced modelers. The day will close with a demo or real-life client using advanced modeling techniques to support their core business processes.

:calendar: February 21, 2023
:alarm_clock:: 5:30 pm
:round_pushpin:Location: in-person, Amsterdam
:speech_balloon: Language: English

:eyes: Tagging some community members in the area in case you can make it there :smiling_face: @PieterL @bremme @Patrick @dmukhopadhyay1987 @MaartenvV @tjarda_peelen