Chapter: Berlin. Implement asynchronous communication with third-party systems with External tasks

Hi there,

If you are in Berlin you are in for a treat because Camunda Chapter: Berlin is organizing an in-person event next March 21 at 5:00 pm.

Join John-Wieland Höche and Michele Lukas to talk about those times where external messages are lost. To solve this, they tried communicating with other systems via message queues. They modeled this communication with send tasks and message catch events. To fix the bugs, they modeled different alternatives. During the session, they will introduce their solution and discuss the advantages and disadvantages with attendees.

:calendar: March 21
:round_pushpin:In-person, Berlin
:speech_balloon: Language: English
:studio_microphone: Speakers John-Wielan Höche and Michele Lukas Oliva from cimt AG
Organizers: @minautics & Katharina Paulick
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