Chapter: Nürnberg. Field report: Cora-X, the digital onboarding process for corporate customers of LBBW


If you want to check out a real-life success story using Camunda Enablers this is your chance. Learn how LBBW (Landesbank Baden-Württemberg) is developing an automated know-your-customer process for corporate customers, with which new customers can be onboarded and checked quickly and easily.

:calendar: March 29
:alarm_clock: 5:00pm CET
:speech_balloon: Language: German
:studio_microphone: Speakers: Marius Ritz (LBBW) and Benjamin Fürnrohr (Novatec)
:busts_in_silhouette: Hosts: Jörg Wißmeier, Holger Hagen, @tobiasschaefer
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Bis bald!


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Hello Maria,

Interesting event. I which we can have an English version one day.
I’m working on Digital Baking Corporate Onboarding product that has been sold to multiple Banks.

Hi @moalamuddin, your wish in this case can be granted :slight_smile: There is a meet-up next April 12 that will be talking about a success story in the banking industry, in English :wink:

Here are the details:

Chapter: Delhi NCR. Banking Sector Automation Use Case | DMN
:calendar: April 12, 2023
:speech_balloon: Language: English
:studio_microphone: Speakers: Yuvraj Keeno and Mohammad Reza Davoodi
:ticket: Sign up here

We hope you can attend!

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