Chapter: Prague. The evolution to event based orchestration

Hi there,

I’m very happy to share with you the first Prague meet-up organized by Tomas Walek next June 6, and @Niall and I will be attending :tada:

Niall will tell you all about the evolution to event based orchestration. Orchestration engines began as a way of adding basic glue code to help systems execute their business logic in a repeatable predictable way. Modern orchestration engines have become the beating heart of architectures that embrace distributed systems. How did we get to this point? As soon as modern microservice architectures emerged - how to connect them became a big question. Events and Orchestrators were the two main solutions, but now we’re seeing those concepts combined and new benefits arising. He’ll discuss where we came from, where we are, and where we’re going with Orchestration technology.

:calendar: June 6, 2023
:round_pushpin: In-person, Prague
:speech_balloon: Language: English
:studio_microphone: Speakers: Niall Deehan
:ticket: Sign up here

See you there (literally)!

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