Chapter: Rhein-Main. Why processes C# now – Beschleunigte Prozessdigitalisierung mit Camunda 8


Are you ready to meet the community and build something together? Then don’t miss the chance to attend the next hybrid meet-up organized by Camunda Chapter: Rhein-Main on February 28.

During this event they will look at the architecture of Camunda Platform 8 and the connection to C# clients. Together you will build a “hello world” application with Camunda 8 and .NET. They will show what is currently possible and the existing gaps.

:calendar: February 28
:round_pushpin:Hybrid in Mainz, Germany
:speech_balloon: Language: German
:studio_microphone: Speaker: @VonDerBeck
:busts_in_silhouette: Shoutout to the organizers: @joergzentgraf , @the-villain , and Shannon Riley-Hinkel

Bis bald!