Checkbox not recognized

Hello Team,

In my process, i call an RPA robot which returns an html code on a string Variable.

This String variable is stocked in my process with the name “HtmlCheckList”.
So to get variable on my form i used :

camForm.on(‘form-loaded’, function() {
camForm.on(‘variables-restored’, function() {
$scope.HtmlCheckList = camForm.variableManager.variableValue(‘HtmlCheckList’);
//write my variable in my html page
document.getElementById(‘CheckList’).innerHTML = $scope.HtmlCheckList;

and html tag :
div id=“CheckList”>

So, my html code contains a table in which one column is full of checkbox.
My problem is that i cannot see the boolean value of checkboxs in my process ( i’m using cam-variable).

Can you tell me why ?

Thank you

Hello Team,

This is an example :

<*form role=“form” name=“StartForm” class=“form-horizontal”>
var test = "<input cam-variable-name=‘customizeOptions’ cam-variable-type=‘Boolean’ type=‘checkbox’/>";
document.getElementById(‘CheckList1’).innerHTML = test;

<div id=“CheckList1”></div>

Hey Othemn. I can’t answer that out the top of my head, but my first guess would be: If you load the variable with custom code, you also have to store it with custom code, see I don’t think the “cam-variable” directrives work when you add them within your custom java script, only if they are part of your HTML itself, otherwise it is too late.