Class could not be found after deploying bpmn-file with Camunda Modeler

while uploading BPMN-models via CAMUNDA-Modeler, i recognize that the running BPMN-Process can not find my “Delegate-Java-Classes” because the process engine is searching in other WAR-files at the application server.
Has someone any idea to solve this problem? How can i specify in the BPMN-Model, in which war-file are the classes?
It is only running, if i compile the maven project inclusive bpmn-files into a war file.

Thank you.

@davidk89 have you deployed multiple process applications in the server?

Process application deployed in single node or in clustered environment?

Thank you for fast reaction. I really need you help.

I dont know so much about application server but the principle is not very complex.

I have more war-files in the standalone/deployment-folder (see screenshot).
It looks like the deployed bpmn-process is loaded into camunda-webapp-jboss-7.8.0… according to the error message…

Did it help to clear you question about multi-processes?