Client Authorization in Spring Zeebe

Hi all,

I’m new to Camunda 8 and trying to figure out how to configure Client authorization using Spring Zeebe. The docs tell you how to set it up when configuring the client yourself, but Spring Zeebe does all that bootstrapping for you. I’m not sure if Spring Zeebe already provides this authentication and you just have to set some environment variables with the client ID and secret, or if I still have to write some config for that. Please excuse me if that’s a silly question or I missed something in the docs, but getting a grasp of Camunda 8 can be quite challenging…

Hello @codeHarder ,

spring-zeebe and the starter have the CredentialsProvider implemented as OAuth for Saas and Self-Managed. Beside that, when using zeebe locally, auth is not required. If a custom CredentialsProvider is required, you can implement and use it.

I hope this helps


It’s the file. You configure the creds in there. See here: GitHub - camunda-community-hub/spring-zeebe: Easily use the Zeebe Java Client in your Spring or Spring Boot projects