client groups in tasklist - camunda 8

I have just started working with camunda version 8.

I use comunda with docker. I am using the free version.
how can I define new client in camunda with docker?
How can i define user group in tasklist?
Where should we add the codes for defining and adding new people for tasks?

My second question is
Can I customize tasklist with the free version of camunda and use it for an organization?

thank you.

Hello @Maryam_Asgari, Welcome to camunda community :slightly_smiling_face:

For Creating a new client, you can add a new user in keycloak similar to this

After Creating users, In Identity you can create a group and add them and we can assign a user task to specific user

Yes you can create a custom tasklist, Iā€™m unsure about how to do it

Hope this Helps

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Hello @Maryam_Asgari If your Issue is resolved feel free to close this topic