Client Notification via WebHooks or the like?

Is there a way where clients can be notified by the brokers when jobs arrive (rather than clients needing to specifically poll the brokers?)

Hi @knotty,

you could build an exporter which read job records and send notifications when a job is created. Something similar to the Hazelcast exporter.

What use case do you have in mind?
Why don’t you want to poll the jobs?

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Hi Phillip,
Thank you for the link.
There was some concern on our team over the performance implications of polling.

@knotty The overhead for the Java client is ~8.8% CPU for polling in this test scenario: Low Performance?

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In order to work on a job, we recommend to use the job worker or job activation command. This allows you to work on a job exclusively (see

Regarding the performance, we are planning to work on this issue. What exactly blocking you from using the current job polling? The overhead in the broker? The latency? The throughput?