Close Time?


After executing the Invoice demo process (version 7.7) the attribute “closeTime” is not set.
See the JSON bellow.

Any thoughts why?

“id”: “f9fbbcba-7a26-11e7-bc89-0242ac110002”,
“businessKey”: null,
“caseDefinitionId”: “ReviewInvoiceCase:2:f8502fe0-7a26-11e7-bc89-0242ac110002”,
“caseDefinitionKey”: “ReviewInvoiceCase”,
“caseDefinitionName”: “Review Invoice”,
“createTime”: “2017-08-05T21:42:27”,
“closeTime”: null,
“durationInMillis”: null,
“createUserId”: “mary”,
“superCaseInstanceId”: null,
“superProcessInstanceId”: “f9f0c102-7a26-11e7-bc89-0242ac110002”,
“tenantId”: null,
“active”: false,
“completed”: true,
“terminated”: false,
“closed”: false

Fixed! Is was somehow an easy fix. You have to Complete and then Close the CaseInstance.
But I must say there is a confusion on the CaseExecution and CaseInstance definitions and also with the states they can be at. You can Close an Instance but have to Terminate an Execution :confused:

Is there any place do find those definitions properly?