CMMN-Engine: Exit Criterion

Hi there,

i have a problem. I have a BPMN-Diagram and i use a CMMN-Diagram there. The Problem is that ai have a Task1 and after complete i am doing Task2 when this both Tasks are complete it should to exite from the Case and continue the BPMN-Process. But i stop on Task2 and i doesn’t appear anymore in Tasklist. In cockpit it show 1 to running activity instance and i can continue my Process.

Another Problem is if i don’t use Exit Criterion it will exite only if i am doing Task3 and Task4.
You can see it on the picture.

You have a manual activation rule on task 2 … to you actually start it manually? If it should be done after task 1is completed, consider removing the manual activation.

@jangalinski eaven if i don’t have it manual it doesn’t go in BPMN-Process and i have 1 to running activity instance in cockpit and i can’t see the CMMN-Process anymore. I think i am doing something wrong. Maybe should i change it with java? Because i have it only in CMMN and in BPMN without java only Forms.