CMMN-Engine: Is there a possibility to reevaluate the sentries?


i have a CMMN question: It is possible to trigger the engine to reevaluate all sentries? I need this function, because the application data is not stored in the case diagram as case variable.

I have tested a possibllity with the variableOnPart definition in the sentry and adding or updating a case variable with: “processEngine().getCaseService().withCaseExecution(id).setVariable(“variable_1”, “”).execute();”

But i don’t want to manage case variables to reevaluate all sentries.

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Eberhard Heber

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Hello everyone,

it is planned to add a reevaluation command to the task service?

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Hi Eberhard,

There are currently no plans for this feature, but it sounds reasonable to me. Feel free to raise a feature request in JIRA: