CMMN EventListener support / workaround?

Hi saw in the documentation that CMMN EventListeners are currently not supported in 7.5.
Are there any plans when this gets implemented?
Is there any workaround using the 7.5. version?
My goal is to start a human task in a case model that is triggered by an external (document received) source.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @mike,

Currently there are no plan to implement the event listeners. Unfortunately there is no workaround.


Hi Roman,

thanks for your fast response!
Strange are we the only/first ones facing the problem of starting a human task in a case model based on an external message?
To me that’s clearly a show stopper :frowning:

Kind regards,


Hi Michael,

No, you are not the first one :wink:

On a branch 1 we have already an initial implementation of the timer event listeners but there are some aspects still missing.

In 7.6 we implemented VariableOnPart 2, which is a custom extension element. The VariableOnPart can be used inside sentries, which would mean, that when a variable does a specific transition (create, update or delete), then this variable specified VariableOnPart gets fulfilled.
Maybe you can use this as a workaround. So whenever the external document is received, a case instance variable is created and added to the case instance. This would trigger the VariableOnPart, so that the entry criterion of the human task is fired.


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Hi @Miles,

Camunda 7.8 is coming.
Any schedule on formally support?


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Hi folks,

Any update on this request please?

Would be quite useful to the project I am working on.