Cockpit dashboard plugin - display specific process with overlay


We have a requirement to show a KPI/Statistics Dashboard for one specific process. However the target users for the dashboard are high level executives who do not need the power of the entire cockpit. Ideally I would love for them to login and only see the specific process diagram with colors (red/yellow/orange) on the specific steps where there are issues that require their attention.

I have built the plugin with the specific logic to overlay the color codes based on the online samples. However the plugin is designed to currently work with the Process View and the Process Definition Definition Overlay.

While this works, I do not want to make the executive click on the 5 steps to get to the process diagram view.

So I would like to know if I could somehow create a dashboard plugin that could show just the process diagram and the overlay information with my KPIs.


I have read that some people suggested creating/deploying a separate WebApp/Cockpit war just for KPI customizations. If I used this approach, could I somehow specify the Process View as the landing page after an executive logs in? How could I strip away the other functionality?

I know I could write something from scratch but I am wonder what is the best approach based on as little customizations as possible.


Hi @gsvitak,

Did you finally build a dashboard with KPIs?
I’m also looking for such features.