Cockpit is not showing in spring boot app

Greets! I am trying to setup camunda with spring boot application (never done this before). My goal is to be able to configure process engine with spring @Configuration class, so here is what I’ve got:

-Configuration spring bean with process engine config

public class CamundaConfiguration {

    public SpringProcessEngineConfiguration processEngineConfiguration(@Autowired DataSourceTransactionManager dataSourceTransactionManager,
                                                                       @Autowired DataSource dataSource) {
        SpringProcessEngineConfiguration processEngineConfiguration = new SpringProcessEngineConfiguration();
        return processEngineConfiguration;

-processes.xml file which uses process engine configured above


    <process-archive name="operation-payment">
            <property name="isDeleteUponUndeploy">false</property>
            <property name="isScanForProcessDefinitions">false</property>

-Couple of application properties for admin user

When I’m starting the app everything seems to be working fine:

15-09-2020 19:18:00.826 [main] INFO  org.camunda.bpm.container.logInfo - ENGINE-08024 Found processes.xml file at file:/C:/repos/zenit/microservices/znt-dbo-fl-service-operation-payment/payment-operation/target/classes/META-INF/processes.xml
15-09-2020 19:18:00.890 [main] INFO  org.camunda.bpm.container.logInfo - ENGINE-08023 Deployment summary for process archive 'operation-payment': 


15-09-2020 19:18:00.967 [main] INFO  org.camunda.bpm.application.logInfo - ENGINE-07021 ProcessApplication 'paymentOperationApplication' registered for DB deployments [101]. Will execute process definitions 

        MainTestProcess[version: 1, id: MainTestProcess:1:103]
Deployment does not provide any case definitions.
15-09-2020 19:18:00.980 [main] INFO  org.camunda.bpm.container.logInfo - ENGINE-08050 Process application paymentOperationApplication successfully deployed
15-09-2020 19:18:00.984 [main] INFO  o.a.coyote.http11.Http11NioProtocol.log - Starting ProtocolHandler ["http-nio-8080"]
15-09-2020 19:18:01.004 [main] INFO  o.a.c.c.s.CamelHttpTransportServlet.init - Initialized CamelHttpTransportServlet[name=CamelServlet, contextPath=]
15-09-2020 19:18:01.005 [main] INFO  o.s.b.w.e.tomcat.TomcatWebServer.start - Tomcat started on port(s): 8080 (http) with context path ''

but when I try to go to localhost:8080 in my browser, it shows 404 instead of login page. Since I’m doing it for the first time, I feel like I am missing something, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS if some additional info about project setup is needed, feel free to ask for it!

@ilyabr make sure that the below dependency is added in the pom.xml:


hey @aravindhrs , it sure is present, I’ve double-checked all the dependencies already :slight_smile: Used loan approval sample app from camunda website as a tutorial (didnt wanna post the whole pom since it’s kinda huge)

@ilyabr I have a simple example setup which might help you.

Cockpit is broken for me too, in the latest version of Run distro docker image.

Broken for others as well:

Where can I find older versions of docker image to specify in my pull?

apparently, the problem for me is that we are using jetty instead of tomcat. If anyone has springboot jetty setup, it would be greatly appreciated.

For me the solution appeared to be to temporarily allow unauthorized access to / so that the redirect to the camunda cockpit would point me in the new place where the cockpit is located: /camunda/app/cockpit/default

I don’t know which version specifically between 7.12 and 7.16 made the default path change from ‘/app/cockpit/…’ to ‘/camunda/app/cockpit/…’, but that could be why you can’t access the cockpit.