Cockpit not showing the instances

Tomcat server completing the process in local setup. Cockpit reflecting the process, but whenever the process is started using the tasklist, no instance is reflected in cockpit. Thus even history is not getting created for the process and no instance in runtime as well. But I can see in the tomcat console that the loggers are getting printed currently and process completing.

Can you upload your process and explain more about your setup and environment,.

I am trying to run the simpleDemo process from the videos with camunda version 7.14.0 and distribution tomcat 9.0.36. While running the process from tasklist, no process instance is getting generated in the cockpit, though the process is getting started.

And also I can see the process running and logging the delegates and loggers in tomcat

the logger is showing that an instance started and went till Print Issue About Weather Task, but not reflecting in cockpit

Hi @Avipsa_roy_chowdhury,

after the process instance is completed, it is removed from the runtime database.

The community edition Cockpit shows only processes from the runtime database tables.

The history view of the completed processes is a feature of the enterprise version:

But recently a cockpit plugin with a simplified history view was release by @datakurre: Minimal Cockpit "history plugins" for Camunda >= 7.14.0

Hope this helps, Ingo



Your process doesn’t has any waiting states and adding such can be viewed in the cockpit until the process completes. Add a user task before the end event and check in the cockpit.