Cockpit plugin installation


Sorry for my ignorance and the following beginner’s question. I am wondering what the easiest way is to install a plugin into Cockpit. I managed to create the plugin jar from an existing project (Cockpit Statistics Plugin). Is it correct, that I must clone the camunda-bpm-webapp add the plugin to the pom.xml and then recompile the camunda-bpm-webapp to create a new war? Latter did work in my case but once I deploy the war I cannot access the Camunda Cockpit anymore (login error). I assume I have to reconfigure a bit more.
But is there an easier way to get a plugin running in Cockpit?


HI @ralf
if you want to deploy a cockpit plugin you would integrate the jar in your camunda-bpm-webapp*.war and there under WEB-INF/lib. You can also use one of our maven archetypes to generate an example. This example also includes an ant script which can help you do the job.