Cockpit - separate server

Thank you very much for Camunda, especially for the opportunity to try the corporate version of Cockpit.
The proposed architecture of the future project will be like this:
Our team had a question: Is it possible to move Cockpit and REST API to a separate server. I read that this server should have a local camunda engine but with certain settings. You couldn’t help with that?

Happy that things are going well with Camunda for you so far :slight_smile:

You do indeed need an instance of the engine if you want to run Cockpit - the engine is cockpit’s back-end.
But if you don’t want the camunda engine to do anything other than actions from cockpit you can turn off the job executor. If you do that it will never pick up any work from the database so you’d never have any processes running on that node.

Nail, thank you very much for the answer. How to properly turn off
job-execution? camunda.bpm.job-execution.enabled = false? (Spring boot)

Exactly right.
It still needs connection to the database - but it wont pickup any work from it.

Niall, thank you so much!
Camunda is a very cool tool!

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