Cockpit - Show incidents of all Deployment Versions


Currently Cockpit is showing a list of all the failed process instances of a process definition for each Deployment Version separately like below:

Is there a way I can show all failed instances of all versions in a list? I’m trying to find a way to make it easy for operational users to see all failed processes, without having to pass through each deployment version.
If this is not possible, are there any simple workarounds? Or should I create a custom UI for these needs?

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I actually implemented a functionality similar to this. If you want to see it within the interface, you can create a custom cockpit plugin that performs a REST call to the /incident endpoint (Get Incidents | for more information) with the definition key.
As for the plugin, you might find this repository useful to help you get started: camunda-bpm-examples/cockpit at master · camunda/camunda-bpm-examples · GitHub or the documentation here: Cockpit Plugins |

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Hello Cody,

Do you have a link of your similar implementation of this functionality?


No, I don’t have it, since it’s private for my company, but if you start from the full stack example, you should be able to easily achieve this. Just change the endpoint to be the GET {base_url}/incident with the definition key as a parameter and the location of the plugin to be the process definition view.
The HTML should be straight forward, just edit the fields that will go into it to be what you want to see there and you’re done.

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