Cockpit Statistics Plugin - Cockpit Start Page Version Display


I’ve been trying out the plugin recently and encountered an issue with the cockpit start page display. Specifically, the process bars for the deployed process definitions. When you click on a process bar, the process definition details view should appear, providing statistics on the different deployed version.

I’ve found that this doesn’t always work for some processes. For example, the Loan Approval process, built by following the getting started guides on this site, doesn’t seem to respond as expected.

Is there something specific in the make-up of a process that’s being checked in order to launch the version details overlay?


Hi Ian,

I assume the affected plugin is this one:

As this is a community extension I am not familiar with how it works internally. Maybe it’s not compatible with your version of Camunda? Are there any errors in the browser console?

You can also try to contact the maintainer of the community extension directly.


Hi Sebastian,

Firstly, yes it is the plugin at the link you mention - I should really have stated that in my first post.

There are no errors displayed - it’s simply a case that nothing happens. I’m running with Camunda v7.6.0, which according to the plugin notes, should be compatible. It has been tested on this version.

I’ll reach out to the authors directly.