Cockpit : viewing decision instance history of a deleted deployment

Hi Guys,

Wondering if it’s possible to view Decision Instances history of a deleted deployment (NOT cascaded) with-in cockpit.


If you delete the deployment, then the DecisionDefinition is deleted. As a result, you cannot open the decision definition in cockpit anymore and you cannot see any of the instances anymore. You could still retrieve the instances using the rest API, though.

Why do you delete the deployment? Maybe there is an other way to achieve what you want.

Thanks for your reply Daniel. You are right we shouldn’t be deleting deployments. But everytime there is a change in the file, spring boot auto deploys it creating a new version for every single resource. I understand we can enable/disable this auto deployment feature. Ideally how the deployments should be handled, any thoughts?


When creating a deployment you can call the DeploymentBuilder.enableDuplicateFiltering(true) method. The parameter true means that only the changed resources should be redeployed. Would that help you? I am not sure how to set in the Spring Boot environment though. Maybe @jangalinski can help us out.

See also:

Aah, that’s smart. I will explore this.

Appreciate your help.

Hello Bharat, sorry, been busy and then forgot about this issue. Do you still have the problem? Did you solve it with the spring-boot extension? Did you need to tweek something that should go into the extension directly? Jan

Thanks for the follow up @jangalinski

I am yet to try this, but I get the point.