Cockpit Webapp redirection not working with Camunda Platform running on AWS behind ALB


We are currently deploying our Camunda Platform Docker container using ECS (Fargate) and with a specific listener defined in the AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB). The ALB is exposing the Camunda WS through HTTPS, but the container is running using HTTP. The ALB rule is:

HTTPS 8860: default action
IF Requests otherwise not routed THEN Forward to [iotworkflowws-int-tg](…

When accessing the Cockpit Webapp (https://:), the browser is redirected to http://:/camunda/app (default value when the property camunda.bpm.webapp.application-path is not defined) → NOK

Does someone knows a way to force the Camunda Webapp to use the original protocol (https) for the redirection? Or is there a way to fix that at the ALB level?