Cockpit white page


I’m running camunda 7.14 on a testing machine.

  1. I create a process and a html form with one variable, with an instance launched with a curl command line. It works well.
  2. I put 3 variables in my process. When I launch it directly with camunda it works well.
  3. When I launch an instance with curl command line, cockpit page is white, only with running circle in the middle of the page. Nothing happened.

I restart tomcat, virtual machine, it’s always the same white page.
I check catalina.out and there is no trace. Nothing apparently in the DB.
Before working on my curl command line, I should have cockpit available. What should I do : to have cockpit page available ? How can I repair it ?

Thank you for any help.

This seems very strange,
Can you upload your model - also can you show exactly how you’re starting your process.

Thank you for your answer @Niall

I join my model (simplified as you can see, but the two first steps are quite the same). diagram_1.bpmn (2.3 KB)

I also join the two forms (with txt extension instead of html for uploading).
demandDoc.txt (849 Bytes) LireDoc.txt (1.0 KB)

  1. When I start my process with camunda it works.

  2. When I start with the following cURL command line, it works
    #/bin/bash curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"variables": {"nomDoc":{"value":"'$1'"}}}'

  3. When I start with the following cURL command line it blocks Cockpit page
    #/bin/bash curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"variables": {"nomDoc":{"value":"'$1'"}},{"nomAuth":{"value":"'$2'"}}, {"nomUser":{"value":"'$3'"}}}'

I know I have a problem with my cURL command line I would have to solve later.

In addition, I should say that cURL command is launch by a script within Nextcloud.

Let me know if you can reproduce ?

Thank you for your help

Can you explain this in more detail what exactly are you trying and what exactly happens?

Also what is the response from the curl command?

Hi @Niall


  1. I launch a cURL command from Nextcloud (see code in my previous post §3) with 3 parameters.
  2. I see cockpit which has not change (because my CURL command isn’t OK).
  3. I change to tasklist, admin page, tasklist and then cockpit. And here (so after Nextcloud command perhaps 30s ) I’ve the following page

  1. I stop virtual machine and restart it.
    I got welcome page, tasklist and admin page without any problem. But Cockpit page is in the same stage.

cURL command : from Nexcloud I’ve no return.
I test it from command line console : the answer is


let me know if it’s enough.
Kind regards.

EDIT : After 15mn I can access again to cockpit page !!!


the copckpit white page appears once again. But that time, I change a javaclass name in modeler, redeploy war and restart tomcat. I launched a new process instance which was OK, and when I test my service task I got the white page cockpit.
10 mn later, after stopping my virtual machine, all was running well.
No trace in catalina.out.
Any idea to investigate ?

Thanks for your help.


I’ve the same problem with Camunda Cockpit provided by Camunda 7.14.

Starting from application with Camunda 7.8 where Camunda engine (deployed with SpringBoot), Camunda Cockpit and Takslist
work properly, I’ve porting the same applciation in Camunda 7.14.
Now I’ve a SpringBoot application with Camunda 7.14 in the following status:

  • Camuna Engine works fine: all task(s), process(es) work without errors
  • REST API works fine
  • Camunda Web App:
    • Camunda Cockpit doesn’t works : it shows a white page
    • Camunda Tasklist doesn’t works : it is an empty page
    • Camunda Adming works fine

My configuration is:

  • OS: CentOS Linux release 7.6.1
  • SpringBoot 2.3.6.RELEASE
  • Camunda 7.14.0

Could you please help me to solve problems with Cockpit and Tasklist web apps?
Thanks in advance


one example to reproduce :

  1. create a process with Eclipse, could be very simple,
  2. deploy and test it. it should be OK,
  3. modify the name of file .bpmn
  4. make the war file and deploy it again. So that you have two .bpmn files in tomcat app folder.
  5. restart tomcat and wait few second, maximun 30s and refresh cockpit page. You should have a white one.