Communication between Camunda and a deployed Application


i have a quite simple, yet tricky question to ask.
First i want to show the Workflow.

I have a Process ( maybe a Patient coming to a service desk) which needs to create a new identity for my patient.
I got a piece of Software in a War file which just needs to get triggered.
After the new identity is done, i want to send a reply to camunda if it was successful or not.

Now the Questions:

How can i communicate with my War-File ( which is in the same server JBoss ) without having to adjust it ?
Which is the “best” way to communicate considering im in one Server?
Can i communicate without the Overhead of SOAP ?

Please be aware, that i roamed through this forum for an answer and havent found a nice solution.
I dont want to have something like a Database/File/Mail involved since its an quite simple process.

I´d love to involve other applications too later but i want to try it with this simple one first.

Thanks in advance!


Hey Xandur,

there are different ways to accomplish this.

  1. You can use a service task and call the REST API of your deployed service with the help of an Java delegate. That implies that your deployed service has an API which can be called. After the response indicates either the request was successful or not. Regarding on the response the process can be executed on different ways.

  2. You can use the external task pattern, on which you publish a new task which can be fetched and locked by your other application. With the help of the Camunda REST API you can mark the task as completed or failed.

Best regards,