Community edition - BPMN deploy


I have the Community Edition installed on a remote machine along with the Modeler. We have been utilizing Cawemo to define some process, hence we have about 10 BPMN modesl that I have saved and been able to upload them into the Modeler.

Next, when I open up the Cockpit, ‘Deployments’ does not provide us with an option to deploy a model. What needs to be done to enable this option? Or is this only available in the Enterprise edition?

If there is a workaround in the Community Edition, what is the step by step process? I will appreciate all the assistance.



yes, it’s only available in the enterprise edition. Docs: Deployment View |

Depending on your process you can use the deploy option via the Modeler or Rest API (Camunda Automation Platform 7.21.0-SNAPSHOT REST API).

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