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I’ve started using the Community Edition for Camunda to browse through the various functionalities the tool has to offer. But, I have certain questions before I actually consider recommending this to the business. 1. Can Camunda community edition be integrated with SAP. If yes, would like to the probable options. 2.Can we schedule a particular task in ‘Tasklist’ to be repeated at a particular time on a particular date/day? 3. Can we provide document or image uploads in the tasks to the users in the community edition. And, the last question is what am I missing by not using/choosing Enterprise edition of the tool?

Hi I can give you some quick answers on these

  1. Yes - basically if something has an API that you can contact Camunda can integrate with it
  2. Yes - you can do this using BPMN’s timer start event
  3. Yes - You can ask Camunda to store files and also display them to a user via Tasklist. Although a lot of people would use a 3rd party system for file storage because it may have more file oriented features.

Finally you can check out this page for differences of the Community and Enterprise here:
And if you want to check out the enterprise platform first hand you can fill out the form on the bottom of the page.

Thank you for the prompt reply Mr. Niall. I had a couple question more regarding the Camunda Community Edition. 1. Does Camunda have a mobile app for Android/iOS and if no, do they have plans in future to develop one. 2.Can the Admin/User Management functionality provided in Camunda be integrated with HR systems mainly SAP? . Thanks

  1. Not likely we’ll be building any kind of mobile app - most users can simply build exactly what they want and communicate to Camunda’s backend via REST
  2. You can integrate with LDAP for user management out of the box other kinds of integration would requite some amount of development.

Hello. Wanted to know if there are any articles or tutorials regarding:

  1. Implementation of timer events to trigger a process at intervals (once in a month,week or day) in BPMN.
  2. Allow User to upload or download documents in forms.
  3. Questionnaire format for Users to fill in Forms.

Take a look at these tutorial videos and they’ll hopfully help answer your questoins

Is there a validity date for the public API’s of Camunda Process Engine? Can we keep using the APi’s beyond a time period of 1-2 years?

Shouldn’t be a problem. We wouldn’t remove any public API although we could potentially deprecate some APIs

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Hi Niall, I’ve been evaluating Camunda Community Edition for a couple of months now and loving it. Looking at the Enterprise edition, it appears that many of the additional features included in Enterprise are features added to Camunda clients like the Cockpit and Modeler. Are there significant differences between the core BPMN engine & API between Community and Enterprise versions? We are in startup phase and I just want to make sure that we won’t run into any roadblocks that would require us to jump onto Enterprise before that’s something we could reasonably afford. Thanks

Generally speaking no.
The EE engine version will have newer patches that will solve bugs and security issues but other than that there isn’t much of a different on the engine level. You shouldn’t have any roadblocks :slight_smile:
Good luck with your project!

Great. Thank you!