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i can’t get access to local camunda

Hi @M_N_D_81
Can you give more details about what you’ve done, what you’re expecting and what exactly happens

Thanks :slight_smile:

after installing camunda I went to localhost: 808 but I don’t have access

did you see any errors in the log when you started it up?

no but how to solve this

Have you tried to log in with demo/demo ?

no how to do it

If you see a log in page when you go to localhost:8080 then enter demo as both the username and password

Hi @M_N_D_81 ,

If you are new to camunda and facing issues with setup, you can follow the tutorial from camunda official YouTube channel.

It will start from very basic level and @Niall has covered various topics like camunda architecture, BPMN, DMN, Rest API, Activities, Error Handling etc.

It will definitely help you ! :slight_smile:


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