Comparison between Activiti and Camunda

I’m doing a comparison between Camunda and Activiti as a part of a feasibility study.
I would appreciate your help if you enhance my research by providing with a quick comparison between these two.

I would prefer a very short comparison listing only important features (distinguishing features like what is possible for one and not for others, licensing, dependencies with other products like tomcat & JBoss and operating systems etc)

Hi @prasadps,

I’m afraid we cannot provide the comparison for you for the following reasons:

  1. We know our own product much better
  2. Any comparison we provide would likely be biased towards Camunda
  3. We are not doing sales in this forum (which you can contact here:

We have an extensive documentation that should give you an overview of what features Camunda has and what dependencies it requires:

If you have any specific questions (e.g. Do I need Tomcat to run Camunda? Does Camunda have a feature that works in Activiti like …?), feel free to ask them here.

Edit: as this appears to be a popular topic, I’ll link to two relevant blog posts that have since been published: