Comparison between Zeebe and Conductor

Hi guys,
Question, we are evaluating the possibility to add a workflow tool to orchestrate the microservices in our application and the two candidates we have are Zeebe and Conductor. We are implementing a small POC with both of them, but maybe you already know of a comparison done that we can use as base? I can’t find anything in the web about that.
Also, I like Zeebe architecture a lot, and the fact that you can use the modeler to create the workflow definitions is a great plus. However, it has been recently released as production ready (7/2019), any experience of someone using it in production?
Thank you for your feedback!

Hey @lucasledesma

please have a look at this thread

I found also an older blog post which might help



Yes, I saw it after posting the question. Thank you! :smiley: