Complete by REST is returning on end parallel gateway

Hello, i’m making a large process, in wich i have a Main process that acts like an orchestrator, and use call activity to use many subprocess. This process will be used by a mobiile application, with REST requests to complete user tasks and GET variables with status of the data from time to time. In the main process, theres a call to “Collect data”, then prepare some variables, and call “Collect data” one more time.

Inside the “Collect data” process, all work fine, but i was thinking the REST REQUEST would wait til i get to another user task and then send the response, so the mobile app knows it can send some more inputs.
Its working in most cases, but if send all the inputs (and the DMN says it doesnt need more inputs) before my parallel service tasks return, it goes to parallel gateway and the response is returned, even when the service tasks is still in progress… then my mobile app tries to insert some more data (to the second Collect) but the process instance was not there, coz its still waiting for the service tasks in the first “Collect Data”.

How to make it dont return response until the new user task is reached? or how the best way to do something like it?

In attachment is an example of a part of the process.CollectData.bpmn (17.9 KB)
MainProcess.bpmn (7.1 KB)

Hi @Jean_Robert_Alves,

I’m not sure I understand the scenario entirely. Can you maybe try to reproduce the behavior in a unit test? You can use the template at to get started and then share it on github.


I need camunda to hold the http response until the next user task, but its returning the response when it is still waiting at join parallel gateway