Complete user task with a file as variable using NuGet package (Camunda.Api.Client)

Hello all,

Has anyone used the Camunda.Api.Client package to complete a user task and use files as variables?
So far I have used successfully for regular string variables like this:

var completeTask = new CompleteTask()
   .SetVariable("orderStatus", VariableValue.FromObject(order.Status.ToString()));
await camunda.UserTasks[taskId].Complete(completeTask);

as shown here:

Now, I am trying to do the same thing but submit a variable as a file. The similar thing I would do using the REST api is this:

> "fileVariable": {
>        "value": "Z2Rram5mc2RnaXBzZA==",
>        "type": "File",
>        "valueInfo": {
>          "filename": "example.txt",
>          "mimetype": "text/plain"
>        }
>      }

Again, if anyone has used the same feature I would be glad to get some help!
Thank you!!