Completion of the event at camunda 8

hello again i have a new issue, regarding executing treatments within user tasks upon completion using Camunda 8. In Camunda 7, we relied on listeners to facilitate complex treatments. However, with the transition to Camunda 8, I’m seeking advice on how to achieve similar functionality efficiently and effectively.

Can you give me a detailed example of the kind of thing you’re trying to do and i’ll try to find a solution

hi , @Niall I’m trying to execute a complex processing when a user task is completed in Camunda 8, a functionality we used to handle with listeners in Camunda 7.

I’m wondering if there’s a recommended approach to achieve this goal in Camunda 8. Are listeners still the best solution, or are there new features or changes in how this should be approached in Camunda 8?

I would suggest you use a script task following the user task and you should be able to use FEEL to do what you need.

Listeners will be coming to Camunda 8 in the future.