Concat in Expressions


I`m new to Camunda.
I want to concatenate couple of variables:

I need also to add new line break;
Additionally, some of the variables can be null.

What is the right way to do it ?

I tried to use + but it is trying to convert the variables to Long and sums them.

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I recommend you do the concatenation in an input parameter and in particular in a script-based input parameter. Then just pass the value through in the call activity variable mapping. Using a scripting language like Javascript gives you much more flexibility with doing this.


@stelt0 Could you please share your js solution?

Hi @CamilaDemier,

Kindly find attached a working example (a calling process and a called process)
test-calling-process.bpmn (3.8 KB)
test-called-process.bpmn (2.2 KB)

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