Concept for a generic partner process

Hello guys,

I try to come up with a concept for a generic process (Process B) to communicate with external partners.

Process A is representing a business process out of many.

Within A the B can be invoked several times.

Idea is to decouple business process A from the details of the partner process B.

B would be called by A using call activity.

B sends communicate with partner using asynchronous approach.

Partner can also inform escalations which should not end main process.

Mitigation of the escalation is in control of A.

How do you think about the approach?

I have some concerns.

  • Using the escalation throw event in an event sub-process
  • As event sub-process is non interrupting how to manage the process data in case of several escalation instances in A and B

Is there a best practice?

Thanks for comments and ideas