Conditional and default execution

Hi guys,
I have a conditional component and 3 executions.

  • E1 {{x==1}}
  • E2 {{x==2}}
  • E3 else

This approch generate error if variable “x” doen’t exist. What is the best practices to use:

  • Create a variable if doesn’t exist before of the conditional component. How can I do it?
  • Add condition at E1 and E2 ({{x!=null && x==1}}… Is the sintax Right?


HI Luca,

sorry for the late response.

If you use a condition, which references a variable, you have to make sure that this variable exist at the moment on which the condition is evaluated.

You could do it via REST-API or via Java API.

Please post your process model to clarify the current situation.


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