Conditional Event a Wait State or something else

Is the Conditional Event a Wait State or is it something else, since the Camunda documentation does not list it as one?

Transactions & Threads
To ensure that we dont block the Thread of the client invoking the REST API of Camunda for too long, I was looking at the transaction boundaries and use of Wait States to ensure the process is started and reach a wait state as soon as possible. This way the client thread is unblocked and the data process state is persisted.

It is during this that I noticed that the Conditional Event is not listed as a “Wait State”. After doing a quick test, it is clear that the client thread is released once the token reached the Conditional Event, and the process state is persisted to the database.

So the question is whether the Conditional Event is a Wait State, and the documentation is not up to date, or is this something else… :thinking:

@AndreM Conditional events are wait state.

@aravindhrs , would this also be reflected in the Camunda Wait State documentation?

@AndreM You can raise a pull request for the change. You can find a github link in the top of the docs,