Conditional start event that uses variable from parent scope


is it possible to use have a conditional start event that uses variable from parent scope?

if I read correctly, the variables are passed “by value” not “by reference” to the child call activity, so the call activity doesn’t really have access to the parent variables, and it cannot react to their changes.


Hello \o

I believe that the most correct for your use case would be to use “Message Start Event” in your other processDefinition.

You can also create an expanded subprocess in your main process with a conditional start event to “listen for variable change” and when this event is started, you can trigger a messageCorrelate to start the process external to this scope, passing the desired variables to it .

this expanded subprocess must be started by changing the variable, and the throw message will correlate with your other process passing the necessary variables to start it

William Robert Alves

Hi @User9,

process instances started by a call activity always start with the none start event.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Haaa sorry! I didn’t understand that you wanted to pass variables to a process starting through call activity.

As Mr. Ingo said, there is no need for any start event if you are starting a process with a call activity. You will start with the simple “none start event”, because when the instance of your parent process arrives at the call activity, it will automatically pass to the child process if this child process is marked as “Executable” and has a “start event (none)” .

You can pass the variables you want to the child process, through the “In mappings” field, where you will map which variables you want to pass from the parent process to the child process.

In the “Out mappings” field of your call activity you will map which variables you want to pass from the child process to the parent process.

William Robert Alves