Conditional Variable Event field missing in Editor for Conditional Start Event

Hi there!

I am using the Camunda Modeler version 5.0.0 for Camunda 7 and noticed that the Variable Event field in the editor is missing for the conditional start event (non-interrupting and interrupting).

For the intermediate and boundary event type, the field is shown though. This is also implied by this issue:, as conditional start events do not seem to be included. Is there a reason for this or was it overlooked - and if so, will it be added in the future?

The variable event specification in the XML file works anyway, but it would be nice for modelers to specify it via editor.

Thanks in advance for any advice / help :slight_smile:

Thanks i’ll pass this along to the modeler team :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reporting this, a ticket has been created to fix it.