Configuration of camunda with spring boot

can you tell me how to configure the camunda engine with spring boot? give me please exemple or a detailed configuration file thanks for your help

Hi @mobarki,

there was a community extension for Spring Boot. You can find examples here: (relies on Camunda 7.7)

At the moment this awesome community extension is in transition phase to become officially supported by Camunda. It will be released end of month together with Camunda 7.8. The docs are here: and the examples are here:


there are several engine configurations ,which one represents a configuration of a standalone Process Engine !!!

Not sure what you mean by the “standalone Process Engine”, may be this will suit your needs:

I mean that the engine is not integrated in the application it is called via API howa to configure it

OK, it the example, that I gave you before, you will have an engine running with REST API, which you can use from your remote application, like on your pictures. It will also provide you Camunda webapps to monitor process engine. If you want clean process engine + REST API without the webapps, you can look at this example:

Just follow the README, it is very straightforward.

can i use the configuration with xml its more simple, or i have to use the configuration with spring boot i mean can i use this configuration

It should work. Try to set @ImportResource("classpath:config.xml") annotation on your Spring Boot application class and configure the beans in this config file.

thank you, your remark helped me