Conflicting plugins?

I installed both these plugins:

When I start camunda, only one of them is really working. It seems that only the first installed is fully working, while the second is listed in the plugins menu, but it does nothing. I’m not sure, anyway, what happens is that only one of them is working, sometimes is the property-plugin, sometimes is the plugin-example.

Is there any way to detect a conflict? apparently in the dev-tools there’s no error related to this problem. It is possible that the style or event catching are conflicting silently?

Yes, they are conflicting each other because they are registering themselves as plugin with the same name (‘clientPlugin’), you can see it in the project sources on calling ‘registerBpmnJSPlugin’ function (client.js file and PropertyInfoPlugin.js file on module.exports).

I’ll open an issue for camunda-modeler-property-info-plugin, it should change registering name.

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Thanks. I didn’t notice that.

This is indeed a naming conflict. The property info plugin should have a somewhat unique name. I guess, we have to clarify this in the docs.

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